Being Tenacious – Sneak Peek!

Being Tenacious is a ‘choose your own adventure’ devotional, allowing the reader to select topics that feel relevant to what they are going through that day. Each Topic has anywhere from 5-10 readings to choose from, choose the reading that’s right for you.

Here is a sneak peek into the topic, “When Today Pushed You to Your Limit” and the reading, “God With Us – Immanuel”. It can be easy to forget that God is with us in the midst of storms, believing the storm has come because he has abandoned us. The very opposite is true. My personal experience tells me that God is closer to me in times of trials. He is with me, Immanuel.

The design of this book was very intentional. Most devotionals are beautified, meaning to invoke feelings of peace or tranquility. I also wanted Being Tenacious to invoke feelings, but not feelings of beauty or tranquility, because this is not often what we feel when we are in chaos, rather, I chose images that were messy, multi-coloured and somewhat chaotic; however, there is a beauty in the chaos that cannot be ignored.

This is what going through life’s storms can feel like, chaotic, yet there is a beauty being crafted under the surface. A beauty you might not yet feel or know, but when the storm settles you will see what was truly being forged in the fires of your trials.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the inside of Being Tenacious! Purchase your copy July 1st on Amazon!


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