Shonah lives in the Okanagan Valley with her husband Rhett and dachshund Bentley. When not at her day job you can find Shonah elbow deep in a creative project, enjoying the backwoods in the remodelled 1979 “Scamp”, learning new tunes on her ukulele or connecting with people to share the struggle of the journey.

I grew up in a Christian home, was home schooled and spent my later summers working at a bible camp. “Real world” issues were something that I was not educated in. The church bubble is real and I called that bubble my home.
I would describe myself as a very fearful and anxious person. Everything I did was about controlling my environment to make it safe, predictable and fun. God calls us out of our boxes and into his arms of trust. He’s ok with us going through tough things, because he knows we can handle it with him as our strength.
I fell in love and married a man. He was everything I was looking for and everything my fears were desperate to avoid. Our marriage fell into a storm right away and I was brought to the end of myself. Jesus met me at that end and taught me how his peace allows us to rest in him during storms, how he is the love, strength, grace and security we are looking for.
Through this storm I learned what it is to truly love, to be torn apart and still praise Jesus and to hold space for other’s brokenness, not attempting to fix them, but to support them as Jesus comes in as the healer.