About Me

Shonah is a self-published author from British Columbia Canada. Through her writings She desires to remind people that Christ never abandons those in the midst of storms. That God is not only with us, he is our hope and strength and how we will manage to get through the storm, becoming better versions of ourselves on the other side.This is my little corner of the Internet, where I talk about homeschooling, planning, journaling, and more!

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“Walking through my husband’s alcoholism as a newlywed”

The adult in the room

“I have spent a lot of mental energy on trying to quantify what a mustard seed of faith looks like; what it actually looks like in my hand. I sought out mustard seeds in garden stores to see if I could muster up faith in the size of this exact object, but I still didn’t get it”
“I find when I’m anxious about something, it’s because I’m not putting my faith in God.”

We are the church

I’m finding myself jumping sides all the time, one minute I’m irate that churches are not considered an ‘essential service’ and the next minute I’m happy the church and it’s attendants are having to ask themselves what ‘church’ really is and what personal faith really means.

Immeasurably More

“My worthiness was challenged so much during the planning of our wedding. I felt I needed to ask for less, be less, want less in order for the wedding to be at my level of worth and standards, but God exceeded my expectations at every turn.”

Shonah is open to contact in relation to speaking events, contributing articles, podcast interviews and book readings.  Please contact her through email for arrangements. If you are interested in bulk ordering Steady in the Storm, or you would like to inquire after stocking the book in stores, please reach out to us!