It Might Not Happen

Our imaginations are our own worst enemy, and when we’ve been through trauma or chaos we never imagined, our imaginations start dreaming up what other horror might happen next. It might happen and it might not, but imagining it is unnecessarily putting you though the mental trauma of living it.

Picture all the awful outcomes you’ve dreamed up in the past that didn’t actually come to pass, so why are you putting your mental energy into imagining up fictitious situations now? It is true, some things have happened that you may be able to say, “I knew it! I knew this would happen.” But these outcomes are like winning the lottery of negativity. For every one outcome that has happened there are millions of others that never happened.

Operating in this mindset is inhibiting you from acknowledging the good things that are happening, the small steps towards victory. If you umbrella every victorious small step with a, “Well it wont last” attitude, you are robbing yourself of the relief that comes from celebration, and it will become increasingly harder to acknowledge God’s goodness in your life.

I love driving in the backcountry with my husband, but I didn’t always love it, and still to this day I imagine us getting lost or being eaten by bears. However, every time we make it safely back to our campsite I remind myself, “Hey, we didn’t get eaten by bears this time!” Then the next time we go out I tell myself that if bears didn’t eat us last time the likelihood of it happening this time is also low. Slowly, time after time my fears around being eaten by bears diminished.

I’m sure you’re biggest worry right now is not bears, but the logic is the same. Remind yourself at the end of every day of all the terrible things that didn’t actually happen. And when you wake the next day remind yourself that if it didn’t happen yesterday the likelihood of it happening today is also low.

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