God is Doing a Different Thing

It’s becoming age-old sage wisdom to not compare your social media feeds to the feeds of others. We are far enough into the social media journey to know better than to believe all our lives should look the same. So why are you comparing your spiritual progress to those around you?

I fall victim to this all the time. I read books, blogs, watch live streams or scroll through, you guessed, social media and compare what God is doing in other people’s lives compared to my own. Why isn’t God using me this way or that way? I’ve learned to tune into God’s voice when I start the spiritual comparison game and you know what he says? “Shonah, I’m doing a different thing in you. Keep doing the thing before you.”

This is such an obvious answer, it’s like he continually turns my head back to the paper before me, asking me to focus on what is mine and his, not what is someone else’s and his. This would be like King David wanting to build an arc because Noah did it and it turned out so well for Noah. Or like Mary refusing to have baby Jesus until she was 100 years old because she wanted the same fame as Sarah. Sounds pretty ridiculous when we compare these stories.

God is doing a different thing in you, different from even what motivated me to write this to help motivate you! God’s plans are vast and he requires millions of different types of personalities and life journeys to bring forth his will. But the most important character trait he is looking for is willingness. How can we be willing to do what is before us if we are always comparing our spiritual journeys and spiritual growth to someone else?

We are made in his image, and his image is so vast that he has etched unique aspects of himself into all of us. You carry unique characteristics of Christ and he is entrusting you to carry out your unique journey with him. He is doing a different thing in you. Remind yourself of this each time you wonder why so and so is doing such and such, and you aren’t.

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