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“No one likes the unpredictability of life and the storms it brings our way. Steady in the Storm documents Shonah’s personal journey as she navigates through the storm of her husband’s addiction as a newlywed. Coming from a background of homeschooling and Sunday school, Shonah is ill prepared to handle the uncontrollable situation. Reaching deep into her relationship with Christ, Shonah walks you through the gift of grace, the grit of gratitude and the lavishness of the goodness of God that got her through the storm. Told in humour, with a deep vulnerability and a realness that will have you experiencing the story right alongside her, Steady in the Storm is a captivating and emotional telling that will have you page turning late into the night.

About the Author: Shonah lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia with her husband Rhett and dachshund Bentley. She can often be found exploring nature with her husband or elbow deep in a creative endeavour. Shonah has a life long dream of becoming an author and public speaker. Steady in the Storm is her first book.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Five star rating on Amazon

“Shonah captures the heartfelt anguish of what it is like to go through addiction within the confines of her marriage.”

“Her childhood, dating backstory was particularly fascinating and gave a great foundation to how her faith in Jesus evolved as she went through the hardest and most challenging situations.”

“For anyone thinking that they are not worthy, for anyone thinking of giving up, for anyone thinking God has abandoned them….this is a must read. I guarantee you wont be able to put it down.”

“Beautifully written. The author shares her story in a most vulnerable and honest way. When reading her story it showed the wide spectrum of emotions, each one validated and and how she dealt with them. Such a good read. Such a hopeful ending.”

“As only Brene Brown could say it, the author is vulnerable in every way possible. It gives a very good insight into the pitfalls of addictions for the victim and those around them. The people who love and care for the addict are often left without hope or help.”

“This book is raw and validates the emotion roller coaster that the bystanders will face and most importantly it offers hope in fallen world.”

“The author’s vulnerability and honesty is eclipsed only by her wisdom, grace, and courage as she fights for her new marriage, her husband, and her own well-being. A very interesting and encouraging book.”

“Her relationship with Jesus is like none I have ever heard of and I found inspiring – her conversations with Him made me laugh at times and cry at others. Shonah bares her soul in this book and does it with humour and honesty.

“Shonah is incredibly vulnerable, open and honest while sharing her personal journey throughout this book. I am not a person of a particular religious faith, however, I see the beauty in all religious and spiritual practices. We are all one. To me, this book has something for anyone who has felt deep hurt and a sense of loss while on their journey — and that is everyone. I come away with a stronger appreciation for the gift of vulnerability in personal storytelling, community, the ebbs and flows of pain and hope and the power of infinite love. Shonah, Thank you.”

“Honest and vulnerable. Shonah is incredibly relatable. An encouraging read for anyone walking through difficult times.”