No one likes the unpredictability of life and the storms it brings our way. Steady in the Storm documents Shonah’s personal journey as she navigates through the storm of her husband’s addiction as a newlywed. 

Being Tenacious – Sneak Peek!

Being Tenacious is a ‘choose your own adventure’ devotional, allowing the reader to select topics that feel relevant to what they are going through that day. Each Topic has anywhere from 5-10 readings to choose from, choose the reading that’s right for you. Here is a sneak peek into the topic, “When Today Pushed You…

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Spiritual Nurses

Our Instagram feeds are full of Influencers, I’ll call them Spiritual Cheerleaders for all intents and purposes of this post, motivating us in our daily lives to keep pressing in, never give up and pursue our best lives. There is a reason people are drawn to this persona, a reason why we not only glean…

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I Don’t Know Where to Look

I have said the phrase, “I don’t know where to look anymore” so many times over the last few weeks. Disaster is everywhere you turn. I don’t need to spend the time writing out a list or explaining to you what I mean by that, as that would take the whole post and you know…

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I Was Wrong

I ask God for a lot of things. I am praying to him all the time, asking him for wisdom, for his plan to unfold, for things to happen or for more faith, joy and hope, and to move in the lives of the people around me. Most of my prayers are said in frustration,…

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Prioritizing Relationship

I was speaking with a life long friend over the phone yesterday. We were both so deeply grieved in our conversation over the state of the world that it was overwhelming to even choose a topic to discuss. We each took turns, venting our frustrations, our hurts, our pains and griefs, feeling massive relief to…

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Letter to My Past Self

You’re about to go through something big, something you weren’t expecting and something that is going to scare you. I’m here to tell you it’s going to be ok, we are going to get through. You won’t always think we are going to make it, doubting your truths and your strength. It’s ok, doubting will…

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God is Doing a Different Thing

It’s becoming age-old sage wisdom to not compare your social media feeds to the feeds of others. We are far enough into the social media journey to know better than to believe all our lives should look the same. So why are you comparing your spiritual progress to those around you? I fall victim to…

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You’re not Strong Enough

No where in The Bible does God call us to be strong enough, but over and over he calls us to celebrate how weak we are, because in our weakness he is made strong. The plain and simple truth of it is that you aren’t strong enough. When I was in the midst of a…

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It Might Not Happen

Our imaginations are our own worst enemy, and when we’ve been through trauma or chaos we never imagined, our imaginations start dreaming up what other horror might happen next. It might happen and it might not, but imagining it is unnecessarily putting you though the mental trauma of living it.

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The Refining Process

I know, I know. You didn’t ask for THIS, but you did ask to be a version of yourself that is not yet you. You asked to be stronger, braver, wiser, a steward of The Kingdom. You asked God to use you, to see you, to build you into someone worth using. You just thought…

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