Bleeding Daylight

Shonah Marie had a fairly sheltered upbringing, and would now admit that she was quite removed from what she would call real-world issues. However, it wasn’t too long before some very real issues invaded her life. It was the tough times that helped her to become the person that she is today but the lessons she learned during those times haven’t been easy. 

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Authors Up

Speaking with these women was an absolute delight! We could have chatted for hours on a variety of different topics. I was honoured that three of the hosts had read the book prior to my interview, which does not always happen.

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Peaks and Valleys

In this episode Jonathan and Kyle are joined by author and blogger Shonah Marie. Shonah walked through a tough season with her husbands alcohol addiction and wrote a book about that journey called Steady In The Storm. She joined us to share her story and to encourage and equip us to walk with people and those close to us struggling with addiction.

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Braving the Journey

I speak with Shonah Marie author of Steady in the Storm. She shares  a personal journey depicting what it was like to grow up as a sheltered, fearful and anxious Christian.  This background was not an ideal setup for what it would be like to be married to an alcoholic.  Shonah’s world and understanding of faith collapsed under the uncontrollable situation. 

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Recovered Life

Today on the show, I am pleased to have Shonah Marie, the author of, Steady In The Storm. Shonah shares the heartfelt anguish of what it is like to go through addiction within the confines of her marriage, the lessons she learned, and encouragement that even in the worst of times, through faith, you can find a path to freedom.

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Talk Recovery Radio

Navigate through the storm of a husband’s addiction as a newlywed. How to overcome someone else’s addiction.

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Join me as I launch videos of reading through Steady in the Storm, commenting along the way or adding new thoughts at the end. More videos can be found on my YouTube Channel.