Courage and Consolation 365 Day Journey

I found a gem of a book at Value Village yesterday. Titled, “Courage and Consolation” on the spine, I was curious as to what was inside. Pulling it down, it was obvious it was very old. An inscription inside confirmed my suspicions. I’m a sucker for a good, personal, inscription, and the older the date, the more I salivate over purchasing it. I immediately try and picture the situation, “In gratitude remembrance of such generous hospitality.” It appears this Mr Gathro (not sure if that is a G) hosted Regina for ten days. Could be a friend or family, but my romanticized mind imagined they had transportation issues, maybe their car broke down, or the horse threw a shoe. A generous and prominent individual hosted the stranded travellers.

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Being in the Moment

Rhett said to me the other night that the reason he loves hunting so much is because it forces him to be in the moment. Every movement, every sound, every bit of wind matters when you’re hunting. It all effects whether or not you have a successful hunt. There is not room for error. There is no room for thought beyond what you’re doing.

When he’s not hunting, Rhett has a hard time staying in the moment. His mind races and he jumps from thought to thought. I can relate with this, as my mind is often a chaotic place, most of the time it’s creating unrealistic circumstances that I must then navigate my way out of, ya know, in case the grocery store is ever invaded and held at gun point. I’d need to know how to safely get out of that situation.

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