Spiritual Nurses

Our Instagram feeds are full of Influencers, I’ll call them Spiritual Cheerleaders for all intents and purposes of this post, motivating us in our daily lives to keep pressing in, never give up and pursue our best lives. There is a reason people are drawn to this persona, a reason why we not only glean from these people but desire to be like them. Instagram Influencers are fast becoming the desired career path for many young people. We desire to motivate our peers, having a place of influence in someone else’s life, to matter and have meaning, telling our stories of successes and encouraging others to do or pursue the same.

If you are a Spiritual Cheerleader, I applaud you. I have needed you many times in my life. I have needed your words and encouragements to keep me motivated, focused and my grit intact. Because I have benefited so much from your messages I also wanted to be like you, motivating the masses unto their best lives. Believing I can and actually doing were two very different things. I believed I could be a Spiritual Cheerleader, but when I attempted the persona it was like putting on the shoes of someone else. No matter how much I tried to make it fit, it just didn’t work well with my authenticity. It felt fake.

I have struggled with ‘not fitting in’, feeling like I have a message to share but the message is one that does not fit the pretty Instagram world of motivation. Knowing you have a place in the world and not finding you fit in anywhere can be extremely frustrating and depressing. There has been a real season and need for Spiritual Cheerleaders in the influencer world, but I think we are coming up to a season where a different voice is going to be needed.

I remember a long time ago when I was still in youth group, someone prophesied over me that I would be the ‘Lady with the Lamp’, a Florence Nightingale tending to the needs of many. Being only 14(ish) this terrified me a bit because I thought it meant I now needed to become a physical nurse, and needles, blood and gore terrified me. Florence Nightingale is know as “The Lady with the Lamp” because she made her rounds during the night, tending to wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. Soldiers would soften with gratitude as they saw her light approaching, often referring to her as a ministering angel.

I feel we are moving from a season of being in need of Spiritual Cheerleaders to a season of being in need of Spiritual Nurses. Spiritual Nurses who aren’t afraid of bringing the light into dark places, bringing healing to the broken hearted and hope to the despaired.

There are many people out there who have been walking out stories of broken hearts, of hopelessness and despair. You have wondered why you are going through such things and if there is any purpose. To be a light in dark places you have to be familiar with the dark. To help heal broken hearts, you have to know what it means to have your heart broken. Your story is not for naught.

It’s time to put our own broken hearts to work and minister to others of the same. There will be people out there who are distraught and spiritually wounded, people who are in need of empathy and healing, not advice and criticism. Our jobs as Spiritual Nurses is to tend to the broken hearted with compassion and strength. Our jobs as Spiritual Nurses is to provide an atmosphere of convalescence, allowing people to recover from their hurts and brokenness. Our job as Spiritual Nurses is to carry the hopeful light of Christ into dark places, showing people the way out.

There are many Spiritual Nurses out there right now, wandering around not knowing their calling, still recovering from their own broken hearts or have recently wandered out of the darkness themselves. Don’t lose hope, God has not forgotten you, he is raising you up to join the call of Spiritual Nursing. Your light is needed in dark places, your empathetic broken heart is needed for the healing of others.

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