Patient in the Growth

I will outright admit that patience is not my strong suit. I want things done and done now. When I get an idea in my head I need to execute it immediately. Nothing tests my patience more than the pace at which life moves. Life moves slowly, growth happens eventually and it can take a lifetime to become the person God is shaping us into.

They are called Fruits of the Spirit because they are near impossible to achieve without the help of the Holy Spirit. I get it, you want to learn the lesson you’re supposed to learn already and move on from this hardship.

Patience is the essence for producing the work of Christ. Just as a seed is sprouting beneath the dirt to produce a plant, to produce a flower, to produce a fruit, Christ is working in you to produce a good work. What you are going through cannot happen any faster or slower than it is happening. It is happening at the pace needed to achieve the goals of Christ in your life.

When we grew our first garden I rejoiced like a child every time the seedlings achieved a milestone. I should mention I was 35 at the time. Watching the sprouts push through the ground was the most elating step of the growth, finally being able to see them grow taller, produce leaves, strengthen and flower was a daily source of joy for me!

Know your patience is producing something, you just can’t see it yet. If you need a daily reminder of this, go buy a pack of seeds and plant them in some pots in your kitchen. Water them, tend to them, and wait for them to produce a sprout. Remind yourself that you are no different from the seed. God is tending to you, doing a work in you and one day you will see fruit from this!

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